Join The Team!
Join The Team!

We are a dedicated group of people who love to serve the Lord and His people. We believe that by serving others, we are serving God. If you are looking for a way to get involved in your church and make a difference, then joining the serve team is a great way to do that. We would love to have you join our team!

Not sure where to start?

No problem! Take a look at the list of teams below and see which one(s) interest you. Once you find one (or more) that you’re passionate about, reach out to the team leader and express your interest in joining.


This team serves to greet, connect, and facilitie and inviting atmosphere for everyone walking through our doors. Especially our first time visitors!


The creative team creates an identity that helps define everything we do, tying it to our mission and purpose through well-thought-out, well-developed content.


This team setups up, serves, and facilitates special Sunday morning events like baptism and connect class as well as other church events!


This team is known as the church intercessors! Prayer team prays, connects, and facilitates and inviting atmosphere for everyone walking through our doors.


The vision of this team is to create a love and trust for the local church. We do this through interactive worship services and groups.

SC Athletics

This team is an outreach for our community and exists to serve the vision of our athletic program supporting it in whatever volunteer needs arise.

SC Kids

This team serves the children of SC Church from infancy through 6th grade. The vision of this team is to make disciples of Jesus Christ in every season of life.

SC Youth

The SCY team connects and facilitates an inviting atmosphere for the students in 7th through 12th grade in our community! Our YOUTH would be disciples of Jesus!

SC Young Adults

The SCY team connects and facilitates an inviting atmosphere during events, group gatherings, and community hangouts for the young adults in our community!


This team serves to provide the first welcoming faces on campus with our parking team and then guest door service for our usher team.

Worship Team

This team serves to connect and facilitate an inviting atmosphere in the presence of God through the use of vocal talents and instrumental gifting.

Ready To Serve?

Ministries are a great way to get involved in your church, meet new people, and serve God. So what are you waiting for? Find the right team for you and get started today!

Hear What God Is Doing

See what God is doing in the lives of our volunteers!

Serving Together
Serving Together

Serving the house of God as a married couple makes life complete. God has brought us together in unity and has blessed our lives together. With seeking the Lord together, serving is our response to His faithfulness. We will never regret serving the House of God. We have experienced the goodness and blessings in our lives because we chose to stay planted in a church where God is exalted in every season. To Him be the Glory alone!!

– Justin & Jeannine Parson

Live In Community
Live In Community

Serving at SC Church has been a true blessing. What I love about SC Young Adults, is that it fills the gap between SC Youth and the older adults. Like everyone else, Young Adults need community and I get to help facilitate that for them. This has blessed me on a whole new level!

-Brandon Winsor